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Developed for Mobile and Tablet

  • With One Main Vision: Road Safety

    Load restraint failures are responsible for an average of five fatal accidents each year. CheckaLoad has been developed with the vision of improving the safety of the road transport industry by providing a simple tool to check load restraint compliance.

  • Designed By Industry, For Industry

    CheckaLoad has been created from the ground up with the end user in mind. Utilising a simplistic diagrammatic format, CheckaLoad ensures conducting an assessment is a quick and intuitive process.

    CheckaLoad has been developed by Engistics Australia - leaders in engineered load restraint solutions.

  • Built To Be Simple Yet Powerful

    With a sleek and minimal user interface and backed by engineer certified calculations, Checkaload is a powerful tool that will change the way people think about load restraint compliance.



Improves reasonable steps defence for Chain of Responsibility,
Maximises load restraint safety.

Transport Operators

Visibility of records of compliance,
Improves reasonable steps defence for Chain of Responsibility,
Maximises load restraint safety.


Consistent measurement of compliance,
Maximises load restraint safety.

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Measuring Compliance to the Load Restraint Requirements of the National Heavy Vehicle Law 2014

Checkaload assess load restraint compliance against the HVNL and provides an engineer certified outcome.

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"CheckaLoad is a game changer in load restraint. For the first time there is an engineered and consistent way to know whether the load restraint is correct to the NTC’s Load Restraint Guide.

Whether you are an on-road inspector, a consignor or a driver you can now pick up your smart phone or tablet and know whether a load complies. No arguments or opinions, just a measureable fact." - Mike Roberston, Managing Director Engistics

Backed by Australia's Largest Telecommunications Network

CheckaLoad is the result of a partnership between Engistics and Telstra. Operating on Australia's fastest and most reliable mobile network, the power of CheckaLoad will always be at your fingertips and your data will always be secure.


  • How do I purchase a CheckaLoad subscription

    To purchase a subscription to CheckaLoad you can visit the Telstra Apps Marketplace, contact your Telstra representative or email .

  • How do I complete an assessment

    To complete an assessment, simply login with your username and password and tap start assessment. CheckaLoad will guide you through the assessment by asking a series of questions to gain an understanding of your load. Once complete, CheckaLoad will advise you of your load restraint compliance outcome.

  • What can I do if my load fails

    CheckaLoad includes a Fix A Fail package that will suggest load restraint improvements to achieve compliance. Simply tap the Fix A Fail button from the compliance outcome screen.

  • Can I retrieve previous assessments

    Previous assessments can be accessed through the web based Content Management System.

  • Do I need an internet connection to complete an assessment

    CheckaLoad does not require an active internet connection to complete an assessment. If you are unable to access the internet whilst conducting an assessment, CheckaLoad will store your test results and upload them to your Content Management System when you next connect to the internet.

  • How is my information stored

    Information about your assessment is encrypted and securely transmitted to your personalised Content Management System through your carriers mobile network.

  • Why does CheckaLoad require user permissions

    CheckaLoad requires certain information from your device to accurately calculate the compliance of your load restraint.

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